Episode 211 – Pets: Part 1

Jeff, Alex, and Matt talk pets: Why do we have them?  This episode we talk exotic pets, and is happiness a drug?  Simon thinks so.  Tune in next week when we answer the big question: Cats v Dogs

Episode 208 – Watch Out

It’s time for another episode, join Jeff, Alex, and Cameron, (who’s been out of town for a while), for a timely discussion of watches, not so smart watches, watch bands, the new Solo movie, and a special announcement about Tyler.

Episode 205 – Youtube & Puzzles

Matty “P-Trashy” stops by to tell us we’re too old to understand youtube and we talk about jigsaw puzzles, that’ll show him.  We check prices on dead skin on the black market.

Episode 203 – Hot Blue Jean Talk

March 21, 2018 – How often do you wash your blue jeans?  Too often apparently.  Scientist- overpaid killbot engineers?  Grocery Store Pickup and corrections from listeners.  We cover it all today.